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OnePlus confirms work on more affordable smartphone range

Jasper Hart
June 24, 2020

Affiliated Instagram account hints at a July reveal

OnePlus is working on a cheaper smartphone line, according to a forum post by co-founder and CEO Pete Lau.

In the post, Lau said that the manufacturer would look to launch the devices in India and Europe, before bringing them to North America later on.

Never Settle has always been at the core of OnePlus. For more than six years, that has meant working hard to always deliver the best experience for flagship smartphone users,” wrote Lau.

“However, as we’ve grown together with our community, we know that there are many people who want a really solid smartphone that meets their everyday needs, and for a more accessible price.”

OnePlus also launched a new Instagram page, OnePlusLiteZThing, that has posted morse code messages that appear to suggest a July reveal for the new range.

The Instagram account’s name is an apparent reference to rumoured names for the device range.

OnePlus has consistently focused on the premium market, and was the first manufacturer to launch a 5G-ready handset in the UK. It launched the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G with EE last year.

Its most recent devices, the 8 and 8 Pro, retailed for £599 and £799 respectively.

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