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OnePlus 6 set for London launch in biggest ever OnePlus community event

Paul Lipscombe
April 25, 2018

Early bird tickets cost just £16 and are available until 8:00pm April 27. 

Following on from the success of the OnePlus 5 and 5T, OnePlus is set to launch the OnePlus 6 at “The Speed You Need” event in London in a world first preview on May 16.

The launch will be the biggest community event OnePlus has ever put on for the public, as 1,000 tickets went on sale on April 25 via the OnePlus website to celebrate the upcoming OnePlus 6.

Those who attend the event will be the first in the world to try the new OnePlus 6 and those in attendance will receive a ‘swag bag’ full of exclusive “The Speed You Need” items. As well as this, those at the event will be able to attend the OnePlus party and receive a mystery gift when purchasing the new device.

With only a limited amount of seats available, OnePlus is asking for people to buy tickets in advance. The value of the ‘swag bag’ will exceed the price of the ticket, just as the OnePlus 5 event did the same.

Early bird tickets are £16 and are available until 8pm on Friday April 27, with regular tickets available from 8:01pm the same day for £30. Those who buy multiple tickets can save money when buying a ‘Plus One’ ticket as they cost £20 each.

The device will run off a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, the same one that is used in the Samsung S9 and S9 Plus. In terms of memory, the OnePlus 6 will offer 256GB of storage and 8GB RAM.

For those who can’t attend the event in London there will be a live-stream on the OnePlus website that can keep viewers up to date.

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