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Ofcom shuts down broadcast of alleged 5G coronavirus link

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April 8, 2020

Vodafone CEO welcomes move to take down ‘crackpot videos’

Ofcom has castigated a community radio station after it broadcast a discussion that contained potentially harmful views on the coronavirus.

Unsubstantiated claims that 5G is dangerous to human health have resulted in several cell sites being vandalised.

A programme on Uckfield FM featured a guest who was presented to listeners as a health professional. Their views included claims that the coronavirus outbreak was linked to the rollout of 5G technology, and they also cast doubt over reported symptoms of the virus.

Ofcom said: “Broadcasters have a valuable role to play in informing and updating people about important issues in society, like the coronavirus. During the current pandemic, it’s important that potentially misleading information about the coronavirus is not broadcast on radio or TV. This includes inaccurate claims about potential causes, symptoms, and treatments for the virus so Ofcom is prioritising broadcasting complaints relating to the coronavirus that could cause harm to audiences. These might include health claims related to the virus, medical advice which may be incorrect; and inaccurate or misleading content relating to the virus or to public policy on it.”

As a result of Ofcom’s clamp down on what it regards as ‘fake news’, YouTube has taken down a 2.5 hour interview with contrarian futurist David Icke (pictured).

In the interview Icke claims that Covid-19 is a hoax to cover up what he claims are the lethal effects of 5G spectrum on the electro-magnetic functions of the human body.

He maintains that 5G causes the human cells to be poisoned and that this is what is causing people to fall ill.

He claimed the the 60Ghz element of 5G caused the human body to be unable to oxygenate blood and that 5G was part of a master plan led by Google, Tesla, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to control the world with a vaccine that would contain nano-particles to enable the world’s population to be traced and controlled. Icke also accuses Ofcom of being a messenger for the “cult”.

Vodafone CEO Nick Jeffery welcomed Ofcom’s move saying on social media: “Good to see that YouTube has decided to delete crackpot videos linking 5G for coronavirus. This kind of fake news needs to be rooted out across all social media platforms”.

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