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Ofcom probing O2 over information requests in ongoing investigation

Jasper Hart
December 16, 2019

First probe started in July over overcharging customers

Ofcom is looking at whether O2 complied with requests for information regarding allegations of overcharging.

Ofcom’s original probe began in July over whether O2 overcharged some of its customers between 2012 and 2019.

“O2 took duplicate final direct debit payments from customers who terminated their contracts on a Saturday or Sunday and had an outstanding periodic bill to pay,” Ofcom stated at the outset.

The regulator added at the time that it hoped to conclude the investigation by December.

Last week, it said the there was a new probe into whether O2 responded to two information requests accurately and on time.

“Ofcom requires communications providers (under section 135 of the Communications Act) to provide complete and accurate information upon request, in a designated format, and within a reasonable time period,” it said in a statement. “Ofcom has opened an

investigation into O2’s compliance with requests for information.

“The purpose for requiring information was to investigate O2’s compliance with metering and billing requirements, following information about a billing incident provided to Ofcom.

“Ofcom’s investigation will examine whether there are reasonable grounds for believing that O2 has failed to comply with its obligations.

“We are aiming to complete our evidence-gathering phase by the end of January.”

In a statement, O2 said: “We worked openly with Ofcom throughout this matter and will continue to cooperate with it for this investigation. We took initial steps to refund and apologise

to affected customers, and our investigations to identify any others impacted are ongoing.”

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