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Ofcom launches mobile and broadband coverage tool

Paul Withers
March 31, 2016

Consumers can check quality of mobile coverage, as well as broadband availability and speeds available via their postcode

Ofcom has launched the Mobile and Broadband Checker to enable consumers to check the quality and speeds in their local area.

The online tool uses data collected directly by the telecoms regulator from major communications providers, which it said has not been readily accessible to consumers and businesses before.

Users enter their postcode to display a map of the area. To check mobile coverage, they select their provider, and through a colour-coded system, will see the quality of voice calls, as well as 3G and 4G data accessibility.

The same page notifies the consumer of the average speeds for standard and superfast broadband, as well as what the availability is like for the latter.

Ofcom launched its original Mobile Coverage Checker last year, which has since received more than 700,000 visits, but the new tool provides updated mobile and broadband coverage, availability and speed information.

Chief executive Sharon White (pictured) said: “This interactive map is part of our work to arm people and businesses with high-quality, accessible information, helping them make informed decisions about their communications services.”

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