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Ofcom demands networks improve roaming alerts to customers to avoid bill shock

Staff Reporter
March 22, 2024

New Ofcom rules mean networks will have to send clearer roaming alerts to mobile customers from October and provide information about charges.

Ofcom says the quality of information being provided to roaming customers has been inconsistent and unclear and that its research found 19 per cent of holidaymakers were unaware they could face roaming charges.

Network operators need to notify customers when they start roaming and provide clear, free-information too esure they understand any roaming charges, fair-use limits or time limits that apply.

“Some customers aren’t getting clear information from their provider to help them manage their mobile use and plan their spend. Our new protections will mean you’re told what it’ll cost when you start roaming,” said. Cristina Luna-Esteban, Ofcom’s Director of Telecoms Consumer Policy.

An O2 spokesperson said: We’re proud to stand out as the only major mobile provider not to reintroduce roaming fees in Europe, saving our customers money and providing them with incredible value when they travel to the most popular holiday destinations.Our customers benefit from using their calls, texts and data as they would at home when they’re in Europe, up to 25GB, and wherever our customers go we send them a text message when they arrive at their destination explaining any data limits and charges”.

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at said roaming protections for consumers have been eroded since Brexit, including the £45 worldwide data roaming cap which has now fallen away.

There is now virtually nothing to stop providers from charging enormous sums when you use your phone abroad. While we support these new rules they fall vastly short of the protections that consumers had come to expect. They will only come into force from October. Those traveling abroad this summer will still need to take extra precautions to avoid any surprises”

Doku: There is now virtually nothing to stop providers from charging enormous sums

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