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O2 WiFi now available on London Eye tourist attraction

Paul Withers
August 1, 2017

Free coverage provided in all 32 capsules between 16 wireless access points

O2 WiFi is being made permanently available on the Coca Cola London Eye, becoming the first UK mobile operator to launch the free service there.

The HD WiFi network will be provided to them in all 32 capsules and will be open to visitors from all countries and mobile networks.

It has been designed to beam coverage between 16 fixed access points on the structure, without using fixed cables or satellite technology.

The installation extends the high density O2 WiFi network already installed in ground level areas, and marks the world’s first HD WiFi network on a continually moving structure.

According to analysis from London Eye owner Merlin Entertainments, tourists account for 20 per cent of visitors on the attraction. It adds the service is providing them with free access to social media and online travel guides, with Facebook, Instagram and TripAdvisor proving the most popular.


O2 director of digital Robert Franks said: “Our innovative, high density O2 WiFi solution is a world-first, offering seamless connectivity for customers throughout the iconic London Eye adventure.”

London Eye general manager Sunny Jouhal added: “We are delighted that this project has enabled us to further add to the London Eye customer experience alongside our 4D Cinema Experience and interactive Samsung Galaxy Tab in-capsule guides that are already included free of charge for every ticket holder.

“We knew that the ability to deliver a continual Wifi service would be technically challenging, and I am delighted to say that O2 has delivered us an exceptional solution.”

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