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Excalibur sets sights on doubling revenue to £16m in five years

Alex Yau
August 3, 2017

Vodafone Total Communications partner going on acquisition drive and also looking increase connection numbers to 60,000

Excalibur Communications has begun an acquisition drive designed to double total revenue and connection numbers to £16 million and 60,000 in the next five years.

The Swindon-based Vodafone Total Communications partner entered its 20th year in business in 2016, and will fund the growth by making an average of three acquisitions annually.

There have been more than seven businesses acquired by Excalibur since its formation, with the most recent being IT business Ntegra in April.

Its biggest target will be in mobile, but Excalibur has also set its sights on increasing its presence within unified communications, which makes up 40 per cent of the overall business.

Alongside its partnership with Vodafone, Excalibur Communications is also an EE Strategic Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, Gamma Accredited Partner and a HP Gold Partner.


Supporting its ambitions is a recruitment drive aimed at trebling the size of the overall business in the same five-year period. Excalibur Communications is aiming to open further offices throughout the UK to increase its geographic presence and increase its current staff numbers from 60 to more than 100 in roles across sales and IT.

Excalibur CEO and former Vodafone commercial marketing director for enterprise, Peter Boucher (pictured), who replaced the current executive chairman James Phipps in April, told Mobile News that the ultimate goal was to become, not the biggest, but the best Vodafone partner in the market.

Boucher said: “We’ve seen a massive growth in non-mobile revenue. Mobile has been challenging over the last year, but we offset that with non-mobile.

“We want to really take the business forward and double the business in three years, and triple it in size over the course of five.

“Most of our customers have fixed-line, mobile and IT, and there’s massive opportunity for us there. We need to make sure they speak to the same people all of the time rather than going to different people in size.

“We are going to up our investment in mobile because it’s still a good space. Vodafone’s network is better and their customer service is getting back to where it was, so we will invest in mobile again. We’ve got to make sure we hunt in the right places of the marketplace.

“As our core business grows, we’re looking to add the right businesses onto it. We’re looking to expand geographically and have a bigger regional presence. If we could find the right companies in those regions, we’ll look at it. We’re not just looking at any old business.

“I’m focused, and I want to be the best and not necessarily the biggest. Others have a different strategy, but at the moment we’re not so fixated on numbers. I want the business to have a fast-growing and really well built business with high quality.”

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