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O2 reveals phone calls are up a quarter since lockdown began

Paul Lipscombe
April 23, 2020

The over 55’s have also become more confident around using smart features such as video calling

Phone calls on the O2 network are up a quarter (25 per cent) since the lockdown.

The operator also revealed that the first week of lockdown saw a peak 57 per cent increase in phone calls made.

O2 has said that the increased voice traffic is down to more phone calls being made and also longer phone calls, with the average duration of call up 30 per cent.

With the biggest surge in calls coming on March 24, the day that the lockdown was announced. On this particular day calls were up 45 per cent and up 70 per cent in duration.


While O2 found that the 18 to 24 age demographic has shaken off anxiety fears of making phone calls, with a 90 per cent of this age category making or receiving more phone calls than previously.

O2 even found that a quarter of those within this age bracket have made a phone call for the first time during 2020 since the lockdown began.

The over 55’s demographic has also grown in confidence too, with many more determined to use smartphones to keep connected with family and friends.

Prior to the lockdown one in 10 in this age group revealed they’ve never had a phone with internet connectivity, with 25 per cent now saying that they would consider buying one of these devices.

Nearly two-thirds (63 per cent) of over 55’s now feel more confident using the ‘smart’ aspects of their phones, including 63 per cent when it comes to making video calls, 35 per cent using the internet and 10 per cent for TikTok.

O2 CMO Nina Bibby said: Seeing the nation connecting more than ever is a powerful reminder of the ability mobile devices have to bring people closer to the people and things they love and it’s brilliant to see everyone, across the generations, discovering the full power their phones can give them.”

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