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Guardian exposes “Vodafone business manager” 5G conspiracist

Paul Lipscombe
April 26, 2020

“Senior Vodafone business manager” revealed as Luton pastor

The Guardian newspaper has revealed the ‘former senior Vodafone executive’ in a 5G conspiracy video is a UK pastor called Jonathon James who once worked for Vodafone as a salesman six years ago.

A video in which he falsely claimed 5G was linked with Covid-19 is believed to have been heard by millions of people.

In the video, he described himself as “the former head of the largest business unit at Vodafone” who had been working on 5G.

The Guardian has now discovered that he was a salesman working for Vodafone in 2014 before Vodafone’s 5G plans were being formulated.

In the audio clip, he pronounces Huawei as ‘Highway’ and says 5G is part of a plot to track the world’s population through vaccines.

The Guardian says James is actually is an evangelical pastor from Luton who recently tried to convince Zimbabweans to use cryptocurrency in their economy.

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