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O2 power bank sales surge 33pc off back of Pokémon GO craze

Paul Withers
July 19, 2016

Mobile operator now offering bundle costing £49.99, consisting of a power bank, speaker and selfie stick – a saving of more than £20

O2 has reported a 33 per cent rise in power pack sales during the week Pokémon GO became available to download in the UK on Android and iOS.

The game, which was made available to download on July 13, requires the constant use of GPS and the camera being on when catching Pokémon, which O2 claims drains battery “incredibly quickly”.

This has led to a surge in O2 customers buying power banks to ensure they always have enough power to continue playing the game.

As a result, the mobile operator is offering customers a £49.99 power bundle (RRP £72.97 when bought separately) until July 26.

The package consists of a Kitvision Wired Pocket Selfie Stick, Juice Weekender Reserve Power 8000mAh power bank and JBL Go Speaker.

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