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O2 offers broadband customers Xbox discounts

Mobile News
February 17, 2012

O2 customers taking out 12 month ‘All Rounder’ or ‘The Works’ broadband packages will receive £50 off games consoles as well as six months free broadband

O2 is offering new broadband customers a £50 discount of a XBox games console and six months free broadband, when they sign up to its ‘all rounder’ or ‘the works’ tariffs

Customers will also gain access to a one year membership to online gaming platform Xbox Live Gold membership for £1 as well as 2100 Microsoft Points which give gamers access in special in game features.

O2 says the offer will reduce the price of a 250GB Xbox 360 from £199.99 to £149.99 and a Kinect from £129.99 to £79.99.

Customers who already use O2’s home broadband service will also be able to qualify for the discounts and giveaways if they have had an O2 mobile for two years and are eligible to re-sign their broadband contract.

Customers who have had a mobile contract for less than two years will still be able to get the Xbox offer along with three months free broadband.



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