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Crystal Ball’s Mobile Monitor gets data cap function

Paul Withers
February 14, 2012

Tracking provider’s solution undergoes overhaul with data cap function to combat bill shock, as well as an improved user interface

GPS tracking service provider Crystal Ball has upgraded its Mobile Monitor solution for smartphones by adding a new data capping functionality.

Companies can now manage and monitor data usage by setting a limit for each user. The solution can also alert against preset limits to ensure that the user or company doesn’t exceed allowances in accordance with its airtime plan.

Crystal Ball first launched Mobile Monitor in August 2010. The solution records all incoming, outgoing and missed calls with date, time and location stamps, as well as the full content of all sent and received text messages. This can be viewed through Crystal Ball’s secure call-log website.

The upgraded solution is now available through Crystal Ball’s 200 plus reseller partners and is compatible with the Android and Symbian operating systems. Availability on other handset platforms will be announced shortly, the company claimed.

The solution costs £5 per handset per month on 12-month contracts, £4 per handset per month on 24-month contracts and £3 per handset per month on 36-month contracts.

Crystal Ball said the ability to identify between UK and roamed data usage through the solution should be available before the end of this month.

Crystal Ball managing director Raj Singh said: “Data bill shock is still an issue I hear about regularly from our partners, with the consequences for business customers sometimes being catastrophic.

“In fairness, the networks have reacted accordingly to help reduce costs where possible and prevent large bills arising from excessive data usage. However, companies are not immune from additional data charges and potential nightmare costs which may be incurred. There is also the aspect of wasted man hours used to resolve the issue afterwards.”

Jeff Eamens, director of Chester-based dealer and Crystal Ball reseller Challenger Mobile Communications said: “Issues such as bill shock can compromise customer relationships, with one particular case recently where a customer received a data bill for £42,000.”

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