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O2 offering £10m staff incentive programme

Jasper Hart
July 9, 2020

‘Key’ customer growth metric could see £1,500 bonus per employee

O2’s new ‘See What You Can Do’ scheme is putting a £10 million incentive on offer to its 6,700 staff as the UK comes out of lockdown.

The scheme is using a “key” customer growth metric to reward its employees for a successful year’s performance.

The target is split into two halves; the first started on July 1 and runs until December 31, with the second half January 1 to June 30. Upon achieving the target, each employee will receive a £1,500 bonus, with the opportunity to bank 50 per cent at the halfway point.

O2 would not reveal the specific customer metric for commercial sensitivity reasons.

“This is the perfect time to reward our people for going the extra mile and continuing to deliver for our customers, as we help get Britain back on its feet during the ongoing pandemic,” said O2 CEO Mark Evans.

“The reaction from our people to this exciting new scheme has been fantastic and everyone is motivated to do the very best for customers, and our business.”

The scheme, run by Telefonica UK, is open to all O2 and giffgaff employees, with monthly updates being provided.

O2 is currently the only UK MNO to publicly offer staff a performance incentive in the current economic climate.

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