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New yboo portal provides insights to aid operators

Jasper Hart
March 27, 2019

yboo demoed the insights portal during the Mobile News XPO 

Consumer price comparison company yboo is continuing its expansion into the B2B space with the launch of its insights portal, which it hopes to sell to UK operators.

The company’s app takes a person’s data usage and – after five days for iOS users and seven for Android – can extrapolate that out to a billable month. It then offers competing SIM-only and device deals based on the appropriate signal strength and data on offer.

Since the app was launched in 2017, it has been downloaded more than 40,000 times, with its developers hoping to reach 1,000 downloads per day by the end of 2019.

The insights portal, which was launched and demoed at the Mobile News XPO in London on March 14, enables operators to look at each yboo user’s network use and device. They can then contact users via yboo’s in-app messaging service if they think they can offer a better comparative deal.

Users are identified only by an individual beacon that is representative of when they downloaded the app, so their information is not under threat of exploitation.

yboo CEO Martyn Gould said: “The operators can pick the users they want to target. The concept of being able to see a beacon that relates to a human showing their behaviour and habits is quite mind-blowing for operators. There is no registration requirement, so that a consumer is completely anonymous. The only way we could find a consumer is if they emailed us from the app.”

He added: “It’s encouraging operators to think about the way they connect users differently. We know consumers are moving away from price to signal strength; we need operators to have a more focused sales channel.”

yboo has so far pitched the app to two operators, but would not say who.

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