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Virgin Media Business launches mobile data sharing plan for SMEs

Jasper Hart
March 27, 2019

Plans can be scaled depending on the size of the business

Virgin Media Business has announced the launch of a scaleable flexible mobile data plan for SMEs.

The plan lets businesses buy a data pool of up to 1,000GB for an entire company and share it across a group of SIM cards.

Each SIM comes with Virgin Media Business mobile perks including unlimited calls and texts and discounts on Voom Fibre broadband, as well as the latest handsets at no upfront cost.

Out of allowance data use charges are capped at just £1 per GB per day, and data caps can be applied individually to prevent disproportionate individual use.

The data plan can be scaled depending on the number of SIMS, handsets or amount of data a business requires. Two SIMS with a 10GB data pool would cost £25 per month, or 10 SIMS with a 100GB data pool would start at £125 per month.

Virgin Media Business executive director of commercial and marketing Rob Orr said: “By bringing together the data businesses need, the handsets staff want and the flexibility to automatically share that data as needed, our mobile data sharer plan is making it easier than ever for businesses to keep connected on the go.”

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