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New portal to help cut £22m spent on devices

James Pearce
April 29, 2015

O2 direct dealer’s group The Partner Council aiming to streamline purchasing for its 11 members

O2 Direct Partner Network dealer group The Partner Council, has launched a new online portal designed to help reduce the £22 million its 11 members spend on handsets each year.

The portal, which went live February 26, allows partners the ability to enter the number of handsets required on a deal, and for distributors to bid against one another to offer the best price.

Orders placed across all Council members will be visible allowing for ‘bulk orders’ and better pricing. The Council, which was set up in November 2012, currently has agreements with distributors Data Select and Exertis but is open to others.

The portal was launched on February 26 and is being overseen by ADSI managing director Adrian Spreadborough, who is a council member.

Finding the best price

“We wanted to bring together the group’s aspirations to streamline purchasing and make sure that on a daily basis the entire council could take advantage of the very best prices in the market place,” he explained.

“You might have one partner requiring five handsets on a particular day but another partner needs 200 of the same type. By combining all orders the portal invites signed up distributors to bid for the entire order or just a particular aspect of it.

“Each order is processed to the individual partner’s requirements but combines the total orders value of the day,week, month and quarter to make sure the best prices are achieved.”

In total, members employ more than 500 staff across 25 locations in the UK and manage more than 300,000 mobile connections.

The Partner Council members include: Activ Telecom, ADSI, Aerial Business Communications, Annodata, Barclay Communications, Challenger Mobile Communications, Curveball Solutions, Uplands Mobile, Pure Telecom, Vivio and Welcomm Communications

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