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Lease Telecom tempts resellers with £250 vouchers

James Pearce
May 15, 2015

Partners rewarded when they process transactions through leasing company’s new online portal, with vouchers redeemed at more than 1,000 high street retailers

Lease Telecom has launched a new reward scheme offering  resellers up to £250 in high street vouchers when they process transactions through its new online portal.

The Hove-based firm, provides leasing on smartphones, tablets, fixed line and IT hardware.

The move coincides with the relaunch of its Platform 3.0 online portal, which founder Simon Fabb (pictured) claims “simplifies” the creation of leasing.

Vouchers can be redeemed in more than 1,000 high street firms and depend on the level of business processed.

Fabb said users require less than 30 minutes of training with deals created in under in under five minutes (excluding a 24 hour credit check).

“We’ve also added educational tools to encourage dealers to do more with their leasing options.

“It has made us slicker as a business on a technical level but also simplifies the leasing process so any member of a sales team can learn to use it. Our solution can be quickly deployed and has no impact on the way Partners currently do business.

He added: “Partners aren’t profiting as much as they used to on hardware, so it is even less attractive to self-fund.

“We’ve got a good numbers of enquiries coming through and the perception seems to be that if you’re a dealer and you’re not leasing now, then it is time to look at getting a leasing partner on board.”

Lease Telecom has around 40 telecoms partners and approved £3 million of equipment leasing in the final three months of last year.

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