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New net neutrality guidance proposed by Ofcom

Cynera Rodricks
October 21, 2022

The new guidance aims to support innovation, investment and growth, by content providers, broadband and mobile companies

Ofcom has decided to revise its guidance on how the net neutrality rules should apply in
the UK.

It is Ofcom’s responsibility to oversee and monitor adherence to the net neutrality
regulations and to offer instructions on how broadband and mobile service providers
should do so.

Since the present regulations were implemented in 2016, there have been substantial
changes in the online world, including an increase in capacity demand, the advent of
several sizable content providers, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, and growing technology,
including the implementation of 5G. In order to ensure that net neutrality continues to
serve everyone’s interests, Ofcom has conducted this review.

Internet consumers, not their broadband or mobile provider, should have control over what
they do online, according to the net neutrality principle. So, while it is still vital to promoting consumer choice, Ofcom urge greater clarity in its regulations so that broadband and mobile service providers can: provide premium retail broadband or mobile packages;
develop new “specialised services” that could support applications like virtual reality and
driverless cars; and use “traffic management” techniques to prevent network congestion.

Additionally, Ofcom offers recommendations for broadband providers on how to prioritise
and zero-rate access to emergency services, enable parental controls, and restrict internet
traffic on trains and aeroplanes.

Ofcom claims that this revised guidance in net-neutrality will support innovation,
investment and growth, by content providers, broadband and mobile companies.

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