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New mobile device repair apprenticeship scheme launched this week

Staff Reporter
February 21, 2024

TMT First founder Adam Whitehouse’s campaign to get a national apprenticeship scheme set up has succeeded with the official launch of The Digital Device Repair Technician Apprenticeship.

The scheme, which will now be rolled out nationally over the coming months, has been created in partnership with the Institute for Apprenticeships Tech Education (IfATE). It follows months of work with a range of partners to get the standards created for the 21-month qualification.

It was formally launched this week at TMT’s headquarters in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Whitehouse (main pic) has been at the forefront of getting the qualification launched to help fill skills gap in the tech industry, as well as up-skilling and future-proofing digital repair technicians.

There are 71 million mobile phones in the UK. It shouldn’t be a case of if your mobile breaks, you get a new one. There needs to be the resources in place to make repairs a go to option – it’s much better for a customer’s pocket and is certainly much better for the environment”, said Whitehouse.

Up until now there just haven’t been enough skilled technicians available to repair all the devices that need fixing and as the number of devices grows across the UK. The skills shortage will only increase further. The National Digital Device Repair Technician Apprenticeship is game changer as it is going to help fill that gap. Thanks to a huge amount of hard work by a team of industry specialists, including TMT, I am delighted to see the apprenticeship formally launched.

This apprenticeship isn’t just about repairing devices. It’s about nurturing a workforce capable of making significant contributions to environmental sustainability. By extending the life of digital devices, we can actively reduce the carbon footprint associated with the production and disposal of electronics.

Nikki Christie, deputy director at IfATE, said:

IfATE is delighted to celebrate the progress of this apprenticeship. In line with Government targets to achieve net zero by 2050, IfATE is tracking how apprenticeships are becoming more sustainable; championing those leading the way, and we are pleased to confirm the green credentials on this one are very high. The core nature of this apprenticeship will make a big difference to our society. We invite even more businesses to follow the example set by TMT First and work with IfATE to develop, revise, and update apprenticeships. We are currently looking for individuals with experience of environmental issues to join our Green Advisory Community.”

Newcastle-under-Lyme MP Aaron Bell, who attended the launch, added: “The launch of this apprenticeship will help fill that gap by upskilling the next generation of digital repair technicians.I’d like to congratulate TMT First and their partners on all the hard work they’ve done to get this Apprenticeship off the ground”

Bell” “I’d like to congratulate TMT First and their partners”

As a pre-curser on a local level to the apprenticeship, TMT launched its own in-house Training Academy four years ago to upskill the next generation of mobile device technicians. 

Training involved working in partnership with Samsung

It’s hoped in its first year, at least 40 apprentices will join the scheme, with the aim to increase that each year.

The apprenticeship is the first ‘dark green,’ standard in the digital space, which means it’s been set up to contribute to the UK’s mission to become Net Zero by 2050. To join IfATE’s Green Advisory Community email

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