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musicMagpie report: Huawei devices depreciate in value the most after launch

Jasper Hart
October 9, 2020

iPhones retain value the best and dominate company’s trade-in charts for past 12 months

Huawei phones depreciate the most in value after their release out of all of the UK’s popular premium phone brands, according to research from musicMagpie.

The trade-in company’s Phone Depreciation Report compared the value of popular handsets released in 2019 from Apple, Samsung, Google, OnePlus and Huawei for 24 months from their launch date.

It found that on average, Huawei phones depreciate in value by 74 per cent after 12 months, and 88 per cent after 24 months. Huawei’s latest 2019 flagship, the Mate 30 Pro, had lost 84 per cent of its value after just six months on release.

Apple holds value

Apple devices retain their value the best, losing just 43 per cent of their value on average after 12 months, and 61 per cent after 24 months. According to musicMagpie, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro have lost a record low amount of value as they reach 12 months since their first release, losing just 32 per cent and 35 per cent respectively.

Ahead of the new iPhone launch, musicMagpie estimated the value drops for the iPhone 11 range. It predicts that the iPhone 11 will lose £54.55 of value one month after the new iPhone launches and £84.95 three months after.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 11 Pro will depreciate by £70.97 after one month and £110.51 after three months, with the iPhone 11 Pro Max losing £75.38 after one month and £117.38 after three months.

Samsung Galaxy S phones lose 64 per cent of their value on average after 12 months, and 76 per cent after 24 months. OnePlus devices also lose 64 per cent after 12 months, but lose 81 per cent after 24 months, while Google Pixel phones’ values decrease by 67 per cent after 12 months, and 79 per cent after 24 months.

musicMagpie’s report found that more expensive phones tended to retain value better, with handsets costing £999 or more upon release depreciating by 44 per cent on average after six months, while phones costing £600 – £899 depreciated by 56 per cent, and phones costing £599 or less lost 61 per cent.

iPhones predominantly traded in

In terms of the devices traded in the most in the last 12 months, different iPhones make up the top four and eight of the top 10. The iPhone 7 and 8 are the most and second-most traded in devices, accounting for six per cent and four per cent of all handset volumes.

The only non-iPhones in the top 10 are the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9, which each accounted for two per cent of all handsets traded in.

Although musicMagpie did not include data for Sony devices in its study, a recent report from CompareMyMobile found that Sony’s Xperia 1 II had lost nearly 70 per cent of its value just two months after its release.

Another recent study from CompareMyMobile encouraged consumers looking to trade in their devices ahead of the new iPhone launch next week to do so through a third-party, as they had better average trade-in prices than Apple’s official programme.

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