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Mr Mobile backs NFSP deal to boost its sales

Matthew Cook
November 7, 2017

Manufacturer and distributor of tech accessories Mr Mobile has secured a long-term agreement with the National Federation of Sub Postmasters as its supplier of tech accessories.

Mr Mobile offers options from 6ft floor standing displays to smaller counter display units currently stocked by more than 100 post offices across the UK.

Mr Mobile managing director Bobby Singh told Mobile News he hopes to hit one million in sales from this deal: “This year we moved around 645,000 units of accessories but we hope to sell over one million units with the deal by year’s end.”

With the low-end wholesale prices ranging from 99p to £3, Singh believes that this is perfect for a nationwide agreement with the National Federation of Sub Postmasters: “This gives a great impulse buy advantage and a perfect fit with Post Offices making them fantastic returns on investment compared to other products currently sold,” he said.

With 10 years of manufacturing experience Mr Mobile has further hopes of expansion, having previously worked with small independents.

It’s also open to provide procurement for some larger companies: “We are looking to really just deal much more directly with some of the larger chain stores and in the coming months we’re launching a premium range which we’re really excited about.”

Singh also reiterated that over the years its customer base has continually evolved as different types of retailers look to take advantage of the tech accessories market: “There are now more mobile devices in the UK than there are people, and that gap looks set to continue growing which is good.”

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