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Data Select add Veho accessories to portfolio

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
November 7, 2017

Headphones, speakers, battery packs and body-worn cameras are some of the products Data Select will now stock from Veho

Data Select has announced a distribution agreement for Z-series, M-Series, Pebble, SAEM, MUVI and Kasa series of Veho products in the UK.

The agreement will see the distributor add audio, power and smart home products to the portfolio including Z-Series and M-Series headphones and rechargable wireless speakers, Pebble rechargable batteries and SAEM accessories that include iPhone external memory sticks, bluetooth products and protective cases.

Data Select will also distribute MUVI wearable cameras as well as Kasa Smart lighting products that allow users to control lights in their homes using their mobile phone.

Veho CEO and founder Steve Lewis said: “We are delighted to have partnered with Data Select as they have an excellent reputation for on-boarding innovative brands and driving business through the channel.

“We look forward to building a successful partnership together and we will work extremely closely with them and their customers to ensure we maximise all opportunities and find new ones too.”

Data Select CEO Fergal Donovan said: “We first introduced Veho to over 100 of the UKs’ B2B, online and retail customers at our platinum club conference and the response has been extremely positive.

We look forward to working with Veho and our customers to provide them will all the necessary tools to drive their portfolio of brands int he UK.”

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