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More than 77 per cent of UK students without insured smartphone, claims giffgaff

Alex Yau
October 13, 2016

The MVNO surveyed 2,011 students across the UK about their smartphone habits

The latest research from MVNO giffgaff found more than 77 per cent of students across the UK have not insured their smartphones.

Over 2,011 students were surveyed by giffgaff, with 44 per cent being female and 56 per cent male. Up to 17 per cent of females and seven per cent of males waited a year before repairing a phone with a smashed screen.

48 per cent of women left their phone broken for over three months compared to 35 per cent of men. More than 57 per cent of water damaged phones belonged to women.

Additional data found that 24 per cent of students would spend more than 10 per cent of their entire student budget on a smartphone. iPhones and Samsung handsets were the most common, with 1,184 respondents owning a device made by either manufacturer.

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