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MobileIron study reveals C-level execs are weak link when it comes to security

Paul Lipscombe
May 28, 2020

MobileIron warns that C-level execs are also the most vulnerable to cyberattacks

A survey has revealed that C-level executives are the most relaxed when it comes to mobile security protocols. 

That is according to MobileIron, which found that C-level is the most laid back group within an organisation where security measures are concerned.

That is the despite this group of workers being the most vulnerable to cyberattacks. 

C-level is the term given to those in a specific position within their organisation, with ‘C’ standing for ‘chief’.

In the ‘Trouble at the Top’ MobileIron found that 74pc of IT decision makers said C-level executives are likely to ask for relaxed measures. 

The study used research from 300 enterprise IT decision makers across Benelux, France, Gemany, the UK and the US. 

Other key findings revealed that 68 per cent of C-level executives said IT security compromises personal privacy. 

An additional 62pc said security limits the usability of their device, while 58pc feel IT security is too complicated. 

Over three-quarters (76pc) of these C-level executives said they requested to bypass certain security protocols last year.

MobileIron SVP product management Brian Foster has called the findings “concerning”. 

“These findings are concerning because all of these C-suite exemptions drastically increase the risk of a data breach.

“Accessing business data on a personal device or app takes data outside of the protected environment, leaving critical business information exposed for malicious users to take advantage of.”


The study also highlights that C-level executives are the most vulnerable to any cyberattacks. 

In total 78pc of IT decision makers said that C-level workers are the most likely to be the victim of phishing attacks. 

While 72pc said that the C-suite are the most likely to forget or need assistance resetting their passwords. 

“These findings highlight a point of tension between business leaders and IT departments. IT views the C-suite as the weak link when it comes to cybersecurity, while execs often see themselves as above security protocols,” added Foster. 

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