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Mobile News XPO: No respite on chip shortages

Paul Lipscombe
August 17, 2021

Prices of chips expected to remain expensive up to and including Christmas 

The global chip shortage is likely to lead to product shortages and higher prices this Christmas.

That’s the view of Josh Harrison, founder of smartphone parts distributor Mobio Distribution.

In a new Mobile News XPO seminar, Harrison said: “Up to Christmas and including Christmas, things are likely to get more expensive.

“Major OEMs like Apple and Huawei are buying up all the chips they can wherever they can. The aftermarket just can’t get the supplies they need.”

Harrison said the shortage has created a situation in which chips may be being made out of substandard materials. “We need more companies making chips. But a pandemic is not the best time to start building new factories,” he said.

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