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Mobile Industry: iPhone 12 offers a future-proof option for 5G

Mobile News
October 21, 2020

Apple’s latest range gives customers a chance to be ready for benefits of new tech as it grows

Apple’s new iPhone 12 range can help customers to future-proof alongside growing 5G coverage.

This was the view of analysts speaking to Mobile News in the wake of the US tech giant’s latest smartphone launch, which saw its first steps into the 5G world.

Apple launched four devices in total, including the new iPhone 12 Mini, which it claims is the smallest, thinnest and lightest 5G smartphone in the world, as well as its largest iPhone yet – the 12 Pro Max.

“The introduction of 5G technology to the iPhone range gives people a meaningful reason to upgrade and makes buying an iPhone this time around a future-proof purchase,” said CCS Insight chief of research Ben Wood. “At a time when people are typically holding onto their smartphones for three years or more, that’s an important selling point.”

IDC associate vice president for European devices Francisco Jeronimo added: “Consumers don’t yet understand the need and benefits of buying a 5G device when coverage is limited and there are no apps or services taking advantage of the higher speeds and lower latency. Therefore, 5G is a future-proofing investment more than offering them real benefits out of the box.”

Refurbished shake-up

Apple’s latest launch is also expected to shake up the refurbished market. PCS Wireless European president Fergal Donovan said: “We expect the trade-in market to explode over the next few weeks when pre-order takes hold and launch volumes land.”

During the virtual launch, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that 40 per cent of he 950 million iPhones in circulation have not been upgraded in the last three and a half years, a factor that Donovan expects to drive the pre-owned market.

Mazuma Mobile managing director Craig Smith added: “I think the phone will sell very well, and we’ve already seen an increase in website traffic and people trading phones in. And I’m sure our competitors are seeing a similar pattern.”

Although Cube Distribution managing director Maan Al-Rawi was surprised by Apple’s decision to not include a charger with the new series, he sees this as an additional opportunity for accessories distributors.

“I was surprised there is no power supply included in the box,” he said. “I feel this could deter people from moving to Apple. But I think this will increase the demand for new chargers, wireless charging and possibly power banks.”

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