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Mazuma appears on TV with ‘Circle’ sponsorship

Jasper Hart
September 25, 2019

Sponsorship is part of plans to push turnover past £100 million

Phone trade-in company Mazuma Mobile made its first TV advertising appearance for the first time in several years as the sponsor of Channel 4 reality show The Circle.

The Circle sees a group of people who live in a refurbished block of flats. They can only communicate to one another through a specially designed app, and can portray themselves however they choose. Its second season premiered last night with its largest audience ever of 1.3 million people, (September 24) and will run nightly.

Mazuma’s sponsorship of the program is part of its plan to push turnover for the year over £100 million. Parent company EcoRenew gave the recycler £2 million towards advertising to help achieve this.

Speaking to Mobile News back in July, EcoRenew Group CEO Craig Smith said: “We’re looking to capitalise on peak and seasonal times, and product launches, particularly Apple’s launch schedule. If we get our numbers right, turnover could go through £100 million.” Mazuma’s sponsorship of The Circle subsequently coincides with the recent launch of the iPhone 11 range.

Marketing manager Andy Cruxton added: “Hopefully, there will be a lot of brand recognition for the way we do things and distinguish ourselves. The trick is to get the UK absolutely rocking and rolling, and then replicate that model wherever else EcoRenew wants us to go next.”


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