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Manchester tops list for internet complaints, reveals study

Paul Lipscombe
December 16, 2020

However people from Dudley are the most content 

People from Manchester are the most likely to complain about poor internet connection, according to a study by

The comparison site assessed the location and name of more than 11,000 one-star reviews as part of the study.

It found that Manchester topped the complaints chart with 46.5 complaints per 100,000 people.

This was significantly higher than Dudley which clocked 4.04 complaints per 100,000 people. cosumer telecoms expert Dan Howdle said: “It is interesting to find that Manchester (which at 10 per cent has one of the highest gigabit broadband availabilities in the country) is also home to the most people that complain about their broadband service.

“You would think that places where, on balance, broadband is faster than much of the rest of the country, there would be less reason to complain. That’s clearly not the case.”

Cambridge, (40.87), Spalding (34.82), Oxford (30.83) and Aylesbury (28.33) also charted high in the list for complaints.

The top ten areas for complaining about their broadband were found to be the following locations:

  1. Manchester – 46.49 (complaints per 100,000 people)
  2. Cambridge – 40.87
  3. Spalding – 34.82
  4. Oxford – 30.83
  5. Aylesbury – 28.33
  6. Newcastle-upon-Tyne – 28.07
  7. Bristol – 27.62
  8. Reading – 27.20
  9. Lincoln – 27.19
  10. Worcester – 26.67

In comparison, the following locations were least likely to complain:

  1. Dudley – 4.04 (complaints per 100,000 people)
  2. Fife – 4.28
  3. Kent – 4.31
  4. Solihull – 4.62
  5. Salford – 4.64

Not Karen’s complaining 

The study also revealed men are more likely to leave a complaint than women (69 per cent).

And found that those called Chris, John and David are the most likely to leave complaints.

With Sarah the most likely women’s name popping up when leaving complaint reviews. Ironically Karen ranked down in 145th position.

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