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Maidstone to reap full-fibre benefits

Cynera Rodricks
October 6, 2022

CityFibre experts claim full fibre roll out to boost Maidstone’s economy

CityFibre is spending £50 million rolling out full fibre connections to schools, homes, and
businesses in Maidstone.

The investment will be town-wide and bring full fibre enabled internet bandwidth and
connectivity in the Kent area.

This full fibre roll out is expected to lead to increased innovation and business turnover
and enable new businesses and new business models.

Construction in the area is set to begin in January and once houses are designated as
‘ready for service’, they can choose to connect to full fibre-enabled broadband services.

Area manager Anne Kraus will be overseeing the project and will also be the main point
if contact. She says: “Our new full fibre network in Maidstone will strengthen the town’s
digital infrastructure for decades to come, helping boost the local economy. The
technology will not only unlock huge benefits for businesses, it will also allow residents
to enjoy seamless streaming when gaming or watching movies at home.”

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