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Lyca Mobile: Almost half of UK consumers consider switching providers due to EU roaming charges

Megan Robinson
July 14, 2022

Lyca Mobile is one of the only operators to not have reintroduced EU roaming charges, helping to bring down costs for UK customers 

Research by Lyca Mobile reveals that the return of EU roaming charges are an issue for UK mobile users.

Of those surveyed, 44 per cent of people said they are considering switching providers due to roaming charges and 36 pc said free roaming tariffs offered by smaller operators would tempt them to switch.

Confusion around roaming charges are affecting customers as 51 pc are unaware if their provider has reintroduced roaming charges and only 39 pc feel confident in how much roaming in the EU costs.

EU roaming could add £100 to a family of fours mobile bill, so 43 pc are planning to solely use WiFi abroad and 11 pc will avoid using their devices altogether. 

Lyca Mobile offers different SIM-only mobile plans and its most affordable plan is the ‘National Plus’ plan which costs new customers £10 over 30 days for 15GB data, unlimited UK minutes and texts, 100 international minutes and EU roaming.

Lyca Mobile chairman Allirajah Subaskaran said: “As holidaymakers try to avoid unwanted charges this summer, it’s clear that the reintroduction of roaming fees by operators is having an impact.

“With travel resuming at the same time as the cost of living crisis starts to bite, roaming charges are a major issue for consumers. 

“But they can, and will, take action, as consumers seek better value from their mobile provider.”

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