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Likewize invests £50m into innovation lab to develop AI customer service tech

Staff Reporter
May 1, 2024

ech protection and support company, Likewizehas invested £50 million into an innovation lab in Bristol to develop AI, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality and Natural Language Understanding technology

The space is being used to develop new ways to help clients to provide better services to their customers with tec such as Virtual Presenters, using AI Avatars and Augmented Reality. 

The facility will be staffed by more than 50 data scientists with a team of developers and collaborate with the Likewize Global Centre of Excellence giving the UK-based team access to a global team of 200 developers. 

The prime location, set within Bristol’s tech community, allows for easy collaboration with complementary local businesses. It will aim to attract trainee graduates from the region’s universities.

Prime location, set within Bristol’s tech community

With technology playing such a central role in modern lives, it is vital that digital customer experiences are as effective and painless as possible” said Andy Morris CEO Europe at Likewize (main pic).

We already solve a customer tech problem every three seconds on average, and last year we resolved over 10 million customer issues using our technology, We are uniquely placed to drive future innovation based on the insights from these millions of customer interactions. 

The Likewize Innovation Labs will enable the continuation of this pioneering innovation, bringing exciting developments not just to Likewize, but to the wider industry.”


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