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IT leaders spotlight sustainability in latest SOTI report

Paul Lipscombe
May 5, 2022

Businesses need to be more sustainable with their electronic devices, according to the report

Half of UK IT business leaders believe that devices are being replaced prematurely, according to a report by IoT specialist SOTI.

The sustainability-focused report, which polled 2,500 IT leaders from eight countries including the UK, found that more can be done to prolong the life of digital products.

In the survey, 52 per cent of UK respondents said they thought tablets and laptops were replaced too quickly, with 46 per cent stating the same for mobile phones.

At the same time, 39 per cent of UK IT leaders said their business replaced mobile phones when a newer one comes out, with 43 per cent doing so for tablets and a quarter for printers.

“Devices aren’t thrown away accidentally,” said Stefan Spendrup (pictured), VP of sales for Northern and Western Europe at SOTI. “There is always a decision made, and it shouldn’t be as simple as seeing a newer version on the market, seeing the battery die or just ‘expecting’ it to need replacing soon.”

Sustainable options

Spendrup added: “There are more cost-effective, sustainable ways to monitor a device’s lifespan and to subsequently elongate it.

“This is even more critical in an era of IoT, where organisations feel even more compelled to stay at the very forefront of new hardware launches or upgrades.”

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