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Community Fibre reaches milestone of half a million London homes

Megan Robinson
May 3, 2022

This milestone is a step towards the company’s goals in offering full fibre broadband to 2.2 million homes and businesses by the end of 2024

Community Fibre can now provide 500,000 homes and 116,000 businesses across London with its 100 per cent full fibre broadband.

The company has reached 29 London boroughs and will continue to further deploy its full fibre across them, as well as having immediate plans to add Haringey and Havering to the list.

Community Fibre has also secured an extra £100m facility from various banks to support its plans for expansion.

The internet service provider also ensures its fibre deployment connects community centres around London for free, as well as providing free or low-cost connections for vulnerable users.

Community Fibre CEO Graeme Oxby said: “Bringing the best internet to our community has always been the focus of our business. 

“As an independent provider competing against larger incumbents, we know our goals are ambitious. 

“However, we have been working hard to ensure that all of London has access to a high quality, high speed, affordable broadband network. 

“We believe that London should have the best possible infrastructure to support its future growth ambitions.”

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