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Jola launches ‘UK-first’ multi-network IoT eSIM

Jasper Hart
December 12, 2019

Global connectivity to over 450 networks

Jola has become an IoT MVNO, providing a multi-network eSIM for the channel, in what it claims is a UK first.

The SIMs are network agnostic, and enjoy local connectivity with all four UK MNOs. The technology was developed in conjunction with IoT solutions provider Simfony regarding the MVNO network and wholesale voice operator iBASIS regarding the eSIM technology.

Jola hopes that the network-agnostic approach of the SIMs means that customers will avoid needing to swap out SIMs.

“eSIM or eUICC technology is the key to unlocking the IoT opportunity for the channel,” said Jola CTO Adrian Sunderland. “eSIMs can be embedded into devices or delivered as a traditional removable SIM. Operator profiles on the eSIM can be securely and remotely updated over-the-air. Instead of swapping plastic SIM cards, profiles are downloaded and managed on a device as needed.

“In the eSIM model, a device is ready to deploy anywhere network coverage exists. If a device moves and crosses networks, its profile can be updated quickly and securely.”

More recently, Jola launched an O2 unlimited data mobile broadband SIM, and added unlimited voice and 5G data packages and Three’s “Big Data” IoT SIMs to its portfolio.

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