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I Need A Mobile to launch first TV advertising campaign later this month

Paul Lipscombe
August 11, 2020

The advert will run on ITV Granada from next week

Online retailer I Need A Mobile is launching its first ever TV advertising campaign later this month.

The Rochdale-based online retailer will hit the screens later this month, with an advert planned for ITV Granada.

This advert is due to go live the week commencing August 17, with the potential to seen by over two million viewers.

It comes as part of a brand-building campaign by I Need A Mobile, with founder Kasim Javed looking to build off a busy period.

“Since Covid-19, our online sales have dramatically increased and now we are trying to capitalise on the reduced TV advertising rates to generate brand awareness,” said Javed.

The advert has already launched on YouTube where it has been viewed 27,000 times, plus 50,000 times on Facebook.

It features a caveman called ‘Ogg’ arriving in the year 2000 and on the hunt for a mobile phone.

Javed founded I Need A Mobile in 2010 and has grown the company with his three brothers. 

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