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Huawei dismisses reports of 5G contract loss as ‘fake news’

Paul Lipscombe
April 7, 2020

Prime Minister Boris Johnson permitted Huawei a reduced role in the UK’s 5G earlier this year

Huawei has dismissed reports that the UK Government is about to pull the plug on its 5G contract as ‘fake news’.

It stems from an article published on Creative Destruction Media, which leads with the headline ‘Boris Johnson To Pull Out Of Huawei 5G Contract Due To CCP Misinformation’.

According to the article two sources have confirmed that Johnson will look to cancel the UK’s 5G contract with Huawei.

However a Huawei source has confirmed the reports are false, with the article being removed as ‘fake news’ from the official UK Politics page on Reddit.

Huawei were given the go-ahead by Johnson on January 28 to have a limited role in the building of 5G network infrastructure across the UK.

The agreement includes a 35 per cent cap on the vendor’s involvement, with the role being focused in the non-core infrastructure of the networks.

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