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Calls to NHS 111 number on Vodafone network up 400 per cent during pandemic

Paul Lipscombe
April 7, 2020

Video calls has also grown substantially, while mobile voice traffic is up 45 per cent

Vodafone has revealed that calls to the NHS’ 111 number has soared as high as 400 per cent during the coronavirus crisis.

This statistic is measured against before the lockdown was issued towards the end of last month, as the operator says it has the capability to deal with up to 2,400 calls simultaneously.

Vodafone has upgraded its network capacity at the new Nightingale Hospital at the ExCel in preparation for its April 3 opening as it provides connectivity for staff and patients.

Recently Vodafone confirmed that it is providing all NHS staff within its customer base, with free unlimited mobile data for 30 days.

Traffic growth

Vodafone also revealed a number of other statistics during the coronavirus outbreak, with mobile voice calls growing significantly and mobile voice traffic up 45 per cent week-on-week, while only using 75 per cent of available capacity.

The ‘busy hour’ has changed from the usual peaks of 8am, 12pm to 1pm or 5pm, during which commutes are mainly done, to a more even spread throughout the day.

While broadband traffic has risen 40 per cent since before the lockdown began on March 16, and 14 per cent higher than last week.

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