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Huawei CFO publishes open letter a year after arrest

Paul Lipscombe
December 2, 2019

Meng has thanked her supporters in an open letter 

Huawei Group CFO Meng Wanzhou has marked the first anniversary since her arrest in Canada last year by publishing an open letter to her supporters.

Meng, who is the daughter of Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei, was arrested on December 1 2018 in Vancouver, Canada on fraud charges relating to alleged violation of sanctions on Iran.

Since her arrest Meng has been under house arrest in Canada and with an ankle bracelet, while being closely monitored after her bail was set at $10 million (£6m).

In the letter Meng said: “This past year has witnessed moments of fear, pain, disappointment, helplessness, torment and struggle.

“Over the past year, I have also learned to face up to and accept my situation. I’m no longer afraid of the unknown.”

Meng also thanked those who have supported her and Huawei.

“In these dark moments, our customers and suppliers have chosen to trust us, support us, and wait. This motivates us to work even harder.

“Every time I appear in court, a crowd waits outside. Your passion and support have always warmed my heart.”

Both Huawei and Meng have denied any wrongdoing in what has been a turbulent year for the vendor, with Meng facing trial next year.

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