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HMD Global unveils the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio

Megan Robinson
August 24, 2022

The Nokia 5710 is now available in the UK for £74.99

HMD Global has announced the launch of the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio- a 4G feature phone with built-in wireless earbuds and environmental noise cancellation.

The wireless built-in earbuds are detachable and are housed beneath a sleek slider on the back of the phone and are compatible with your smartphone if users want to switch between devices.

The 5710 delivers a 1450mAh battery, lasts for weeks on standby, and the device has gone through extensive testing so that it meets durability standards. 

Expert comments

Uswitch tech expert Ernest Doku said: “The rise of the ‘fun phone’ is testament to consumers’ unwavering desire for quality and simplicity above all else from their technology.

Uswitch’s Ernest Doku thinks the 5710 offers what consumers want

“More than just a fad or a phase, we’re seeing devices focused on what matters most – impressive battery life, capable connectivity and affordability – draw huge interest across many demographics in multiple territories. 

“These feature phones are the intersection of novelty, nostalgia and individuality – whether it’s a clamshell form factor or cool, quirky design accents, we’re seeing new generations drawn to the appeal of a device that nails the essence of what it means to stay connected. 

“From the practicality and durability of a robust handset in festival season, to those looking for a ‘digital detox’ with the aim of getting back to basics, this wave of feature phone counter-culture crashes against the smartphone norm – it’s incredibly exciting to see It not only gain traction in social media circles but deliver meaningful volumes to manufacturers.” 

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