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GWS: 5G can help solve ‘digital divide’

Paul Lipscombe
December 1, 2020

Currently only 64 per cent of the UK are experiencing ‘decent’ broadband speeds

5G has been tipped as the solution to fix the UK’s ‘digital divide’, according to a study carried out by Global Wireless Solutions (GWS).

The mobile network benchmarking firm, which surveyed 2,000 adults across the country about their home broadband connections, found that almost a third of respondents experience inadequate broadband speeds.

Only 64 per cent of people in the UK were found to have what is considered ‘decent’ broadband connectivity, meeting Ofcom’s requirements of download speeds higher than 10Mbps and 1Mbps upload speeds.

The report highlighted the frustration of Brits at a time when home broadband is required more than ever.

This revealed what GWS has called a ‘digital divide’ for consumers’ ability to work during the pandemic, with 62 per cent reporting issues including loading websites and connecting to video conferences.


However, GWS CEO Paul Carter is optimistic that 5G is the solution to these woes, expecting more people to switch to mobile for indoor coverage over time.

Speaking to Mobile News, Carter said: “I think Covid has enabled the importance of 5G to be outlined and benefit a host of services such as remote working, telehealth and smart cities.

“People are optimistic about 5G potentially helping to bridge this digital divide in future.”

He adds: “We have been testing the performance of 5G in cities across the UK, and we are already seeing promising speeds within urban areas.

“As such, 5G should be a potential solution to the problems that so many homes are currently experiencing throughout the UK.”

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