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Google to launch new Pixel and smart watch devices tomorrow

Staff Reporter
October 5, 2022

But analysts are sceptical of any real innovation

Analysts CCS Insight have thrown a wet blanket over Google’s launch tomorrow of a new Pixel Pro 7, Pixel 7 Pro and Google Pixel Watch.

The launch, which seems to be copying Apple’s product launches, will take place in New York.

Ben Wood, Chief Analyst and CMO, CCS Insight said it is perplexing that Google wants be in the cut-throat business of manufacturing smartphones, and it is hard to see how it is a profitable venture for the company.

“We assume Google sees Pixel products as a demonstration of ‘the art of the possible’ when it comes to Android smartphones. Furthermore, it’s a way of keeping other Android licensees on their toes in terms of support for new features.”

Innovation stalled

“The new Pixel devices offer further evidence that smartphone innovation has stalled. All major phone makers are focusing on making already good products even better, but there’s little in the way of disruption. Customers are no longer highly motivated to upgrade their devices for better performance or enhanced features and are holding on to their devices for longer as new models offer few reasons to change.”

““Pixel phones appeal to technology enthusiasts who want the latest version of Android and like having something different from the mainstream choice of Apple or Samsung. However, given the iterative nature of the Pixel 7 devices it’s hard to believe that there will be as much excitement as there has been in the past.”

Ben Wood: it’s unlikely Google will take any share from Apple”

Given the similarities to last year’s devices, it seems likely the stand-out features will remain the impressive Pixel camera system, and access to the latest version of Android, which guarantees users the latest updates when they are released.”

“It’s unlikely Google will take any share from Apple with the new Pixel devices – iPhone owners remain incredibly brand loyal. The bigger concern must be for rival Android smartphone makers, including Samsung, which dominates the segment, or smaller Chinese manufacturers. Google has incredible resources and could put huge amounts of money behind Pixel – but it must strike a fine line. Weakening established Android phone makers makes little sense when Apple poses such a great threat to the whole ecosystem.” 

Kane McKenna, Analyst, Wearables, CCS Insight added: “Realistically, the Pixel Watch poses zero threat to the Apple Watch, the market leader. Apple has succeeded by driving a high Watch adoption rate among iPhone users, whereas the rest of the market has lagged behind. We believe the Pixel Watch’s main role is to raise awareness of smartwatches for Android smartphone owners and encourage more of these people to consider buying a wearable.”

“We’ve heard very little from Google on how it plans to integrate Fitbit’s platform and capabilities into Wear OS. The Pixel Watch will be the first device to demonstrate how Fitbit will play a role on Google devices and beyond”.


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