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GK Telecom launches physical eSIM pack to tempt technophobe travellers

Staff Reporter
March 13, 2024

E-SIM distributor GK Telecom is enticing travelers to purchase its unlimited eSIM data plan for Europe with a physical eSIM pack they can activate without having to navigate the usual online search.

“eSIM technology is new and can be complex for first-time users. Our objective is to raise awareness through the distribution of a physical eSIM product. Online options exist with a complex process. Our goal is to provide users with a familiar experience similar to that of using a regular SIM card,” said GK Telecom director Ravi Navaratnam.

“The only difference is the use of a QR code instead of a chip. We aim to enhance customer convenience and flexibility by offering physical eSIM options. Users will be able to activate them through a traditional approach.

Navaratnam: promoting eSIM adoption with a simplified connection process

“According to statistics, 40 percent of travellers prefer to purchase a SIM card at their destination. If dealers can showcase eSIMs, it becomes a convenient choice for consumers, potentially generating revenue in emerging markets.”

Navaratnam says the company aims to promote eSIM adoption with a simplified connection process and to simplify eSIM connectivity.

Physical eSIM pack: convenient choice for consumers

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