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giffgaff: eSIMS are the future of mobile technology

Paul Lipscombe
March 27, 2018

According to experts at the Mobile World Congress, eSIMS will replace SIM cards in the next five years.

eSIMs will replace traditional traditional SIM cards within five years according to ‘mobile experts’.

The news comes from giffgaff who revealed that 83.33 per cent of industry experts believe eSIMS are the future of mobile technology.

Throughout out the week, the MVNO spoke to 12 leading figures in the industry from the likes of Samsung and Sony to get their thoughts on what the future of mobile technology will be.

Speaking at MWC, Samsung UK head of technology Kyle Brown said: “We do have technologies like eSIM, which are going to come in and allow you to do a SIM card through software, rather than just using a physical hardware. At the moment we’re looking at both options in the market and that’s the way we see it for the foreseeable future.”

giffgaff chief commercial officer Kim Faura said that the MVNO welcomes the new technology adding: “Making sure you buy the right SIM card, the right size, insert in the correct socket and the right way around is not a welcome experience and at giffgaff we want to make it’s eradicated as soon as possible.”

Introduction of 5G

Another topic that was heavily discussed at MWC was the introduction of 5G and interviews conducted by giffgaff highlighted that 5G will be the next big technological breakthrough. The use of 5G will further enhance connectivity among users.

However it is expected that there will be some hurdles, in particular with mobile security. Online banking, messaging and photos highlighted as a reasons for needing smarter passwords and more emphasis on protecting privacy.

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