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Crystalusion targets one million shipments by end of the year following Genuine Solutions deal

Matthew Cook
March 27, 2018

Co-founder outlines target after reporting 750,000 shipments, up from 250,000, in 2017

Crystalusion co-founder Sanjay Daswani is targeting one million shipments by the end of the year after striking a distribution deal with Genuine Solutions to expand its international reach. Speaking to Mobile News, Daswani revealed the ambitious target after reporting 750,000 shipments in 2017, up from 250,000.

The co-founder said the plan is to be ranged in bricks-and-mortar retailers to achieve the stated target, aided by its extended reach.

Products supplied by the Surbiton based distributor include the Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection, Liquid Glass Protection Twin Pack and Crystalusion PLUS.

Genuine Solutions becomes the third distribution partner to be signed up by Crystalusion in the UK, joining Gusto Telecom and Elite Mobile.

Genuine Solutions serves more than 1,300 customers worldwide across 45 countries. It houses products from more than 20 brands, including Alcatel, BlackBerry, HTC, Huawei, LG, Microsoft, Samsung and Sony.

Crystalusion products are sold in 24 countries, including the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Australia. Three new countries – Austria, Russia, and and one from South America – were added over last year.

Work is underway to start operations in Mauritius. Crystalusion and Genuine Solutions were Mobile News Awards winners, bagging the ‘innovative product’ and ‘accessories distributor’ (under 100 employees) awards respectively, last year.

Daswani told Mobile News: “We have some ambitious numbers, we want to get to the point where we can sell millions of units per year.

“We want to get to the end of this year achieving a million units. Over the last few years we have managed to either double or triple our numbers on a year-on-year basis.

Genuine Solutions is not only selling in the UK, it has an international reach and we want to tap into that. For us its about broadening that reach.

“Brick and mortar retailers are key to growth – but it’s only key for us if we strike the right partners with the right education.

“We had opportunities before to become another SKU in the portfolio but the partnership needs to be right.”


Daswani revealed a new product will be launched aiming at the wearable and power segment of mobile, with a release intended around Q4.

He added: “Devices are getting bigger and hungrier for data and battery. That’s the area where we’re heading.

“We want to bring a solution that in a certain way is contradictory to where the market is going; what we’re looking for is practicality; we’re looking at wearables and power next.”

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