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Gamma unveils online portal for mobiles

Manny Pham
August 14, 2017

The portal is intentionally unbranded for client branding and features a host of management features

Gamma has unveiled online portal ‘Manage My Mobiles’ allowing customer easier access to and control to smartphone fleets.

Features from the portal includes: mobile numbers revealed, device model and model number revealed, usage monitoring by cost centre, alerts for roaming, SIM cards can be swapped or suspended and voicemails and calls can be forwarded on.

The portal is unbranded so partners can brand it themselves.

There’s also a managed service option for partners which allows view-only access to settings, whilst still being able to view usage data and set alerts. Partners retain control over network settings of the mobile fleet.

Gamma mobile product manager James McFayden (pictured) said: “We’ve listened to the channel and a top requirement was the need for a customer portal. One of Gamma Mobile’s key priorities is to provide our partners with more control and ownership of the service. We believe Manage My Mobiles takes this to the next level by enabling Channel Partners to pass this control onto their customers.


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