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Extreme Connect joins the eSIM market

Paul Lipscombe
April 28, 2021

eSIM eradicates the need for physical SIM cards

Another new eSIM company has entered the market following the launch of Extreme Connect.

The new mobile network which uses Truphone’s network is entirely eSIM-enabled launched yesterday (April 27) and will have access in 110 countries.

It will also take advantage of further fully localised areas in nine markets including the UK, USA, France, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Spain, Australia and Hong Kong.

Extreme Connect join the growing eSIM market, which saw shipments grow 83 per cent YoY in 2020, according to Trusted Connectivity Alliance (TCA).

CEO & Founder of Extreme Connect Alistair Gosling said: “Mobile technology has become an absolutely vital aspect of modern life, and the current SIM offering does not reflect the progression we have seen across other aspects of mobile tech.

“We believe that eSIM technology represents this step forward and we are committed to providing the best possible mobile experience for our customers.”


As part of its company mission to drive environmental sustainability, Extreme Connect has partnered with “The Planet Mark”.

The eSIM provider has also pledged to give one per cent of its annual revenue to environmental non-profit organisations such as the United Nations’ “Sports for Climate Action”.

The move to eSIM eradicates the need for physical plastic SIM cards.

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