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Exertis opens ‘leading’ Ztorm multimedia service to retailers

Alex Yau
September 14, 2016

The service acts as a portal for partners to sell digital video games, films and audio books online
Exertis has made its Ztorm multimedia service available to retailers looking to sell digital video games, movies and audiobooks online.
The announcement was made today (September 14) by the Basingstoke-based distributor. Available since 2006, Ztorm had previously acted as the middle man for software publishers looking to sell their products online. Retailers can now do the same, with Exertis claims the service has been at the ‘forefront of digital distribution for a decade.’
According to the company, digital distribution is worth over £18 billion. It claims this has been driven by a decline in the shipments of boxed video games. Ztorm has titles from Microsoft, Sony, EA, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Sega, McAfee, Adobe and Symantec.
Exertis Ztorm managing director Annica Lejdeborn said: “Our focus is to help etailers and retailers deploy a cost-effective and reliable method for digital delivery. We have tested solutions for all store types ranging from small independents to large retailers or etailers.”

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