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Exertis expands smart tech range with new partnerships

James Pearce
July 6, 2016

Distributor now offers Drayton range of miGenie thermostats, 360-degree Allie Camera from IC Real Tech and iHealth Labs new “Wave” Fitness Tracker

Exertis has added to its range of smart products with a number of new products across the smart home, security and fitness categories

migenie thermoThe Basingstoke-based has stuck an agreement with Drayton to offer resellers its MiGenie range of smart thermostats. The range of thermostats allow users to monitor and control their home heating from an app on their smartphone, and includes single, dual or multichannel thermostats.

In the security category, Exertis has added the Allie Camera from IC Real Tech. This is a 360 degree connected camera that can also be used to support virtual reality and augmented reality footage. The camera can record at 2048×2048 resolution and 22 fps rate and has a built-in mic, which is controlled from a paired smartphone.

Exertis has also began offering the Smanos range of Wi-Fi alarm systems, which can also be linked with a connected camera and a video doorbell.

In fitness, the distributor’s reseller partners will be able to iHealth’s new “Wave” fitness tracker, which is aimed at swimmers. It can record stroke type, number of strokes and calorie burn, along with usual fitness tracker capabilities such as step counting.

Rod SlaterExertis head of smart tech Rod Slater (pictured, right)  said: “With so many new products on the market, consumers need to be aware of which products are compatible with one another to make the most of the smart technology products that can add security, save on energy costs or enhance the décor and comfort of a home.

“Interoperability is a key selling point and retailers will gain increased customer satisfaction and sales by helping their customers understand and overcome this issue. Exertis is well positioned to address this with its wide portfolio and expertise in this area.”

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