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Mainline and Daisy set to acquire Exertis airtime base

Michael Garwood
June 29, 2016

Exertis has agreed to sell its airtime business to rivals Mainline and Daisy.

Exertis entered the airtime space three years ago, amassing a base of around 22,000 connections across Vodafone, O2 and EE. At its peak, it was connecting 1,500 SIMs a month on average.

It confirmed last month it planned to exit the market after conceding it would never likely become a leading player as a result of consolidation in the market, most notably EE’s acquisition of rival Mainline.

Mobile News can confirm all EE connections, Exertis’ biggest operator, will be moved to Mainline in the coming weeks. All O2 and Vodafone connections will switch to Daisy.

Details on the sale price or value of the base is confidential and could not be discussed.

Exertis has already communicated the news to its 80-plus dealers who will be affected by the change, although it insists disruption levels will be kept to an absolute minimum.

No staff at Exertis have been affected by the decision, with those in airtime being redeployed.

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